How To Strip A Mummy Of Her Dignity in 5 Easy Steps.

Hairy Nosed Mum
by Biscuit age 9

Step 1

Choose your morning with cunning. A relaxed Sunday morning works best.  Climb into your mummy’s bed and wait for her to just stir from her sleep. Snuggle right up to her and look up lovingly into her eyes.

Step 2

With big doe eyes utter the words, “I love you from my heart.” Then snuggle even closer.

Step 3

Wait momentarily for your mummy to begin her melt into loving gushiness.

Step 4

Utter the precious words “I can see right up your hairy nostrils!”

Step 5

Bounce about the bed with your big brother pointing at mummy and shouting repeatedly “Hairy Mummy, ha, ha, ha! Hairy Mummy, ha, ha, ha!”

Well, that just about sums up the level of glamour in my life and seems like an appropriate start to this blog!

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14 thoughts on “How To Strip A Mummy Of Her Dignity in 5 Easy Steps.

    • LOL, the picture’s super isn’t it. I really hope my nostrils aren’t quite that hairy in real life though! I’m having visions of a Christmas letter….Dear Father Christmas, please bring my mummy an old man’s nose and ear hair clipper before things get totally out of hand and she starts plaiting them and adding beads!

  1. It’s the picture that gets me – they forget nothing!!! I bet that was drawn hours after the faux snuggle / nose investigation ….

    I dread the day that either of ours announce how they do “jelly on the plate” with my tummy and poke my boobs saying “there’s nothing in there, they’re empty” in the playground…

    • Lol, I know exactly what you mean Liz! I remember my little girl proudly showng off to all our friends a picture of me she’d drawn. The picture was super except for beween my legs she’d drawn 2 droopy buttocks! I guess from her low viewpoint she was very aware of them. She’s 21 now and needless to say my buttocks have continued to defy gravity and are planning to reach the back of knees one day soon I’m sure!

  2. You can tell if someone is a parent or not by whether they have any self esteem and dignity left or whether it has been sapped away by repeated exposure to the delightful candour of small people. On the other hand – it’s great to be loved unconditionally by people who see (and rejoice in) such things as botty burps and nose hair.

    • Awww, thanks Anya. Their little chant did prompt a run to the mirror with the tweazers, OUCH! Shan’t be doing that again in a hurry!
      Our children love to mock don’t they, my bottom often gets comments too and if I’m sitting on the floor with my feet flat and my knees up my youngest nearly wets himself with laughter if he he decides to wobble my calves. No room for self esteem or vanity with smalls in the house is there?!?

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