Prehistoric Dinner


Cave Man Biscuit

Chops and broccoli became a step back in time as 9 year old Biscuit asked if he could be a caveman and eat his meat with his hands. This soon escalated into all of us stomping around the table, thumping our chests, gesticulating wildly and shouting lots of guttural “Ug”s. (Note to self  – shut the curtains now the nights are drawing in so neighbours’ view of me as normal sensible parent are not shattered.)

Chops devoured and school jumpers sufficiently smeared we turned our attention to the broccoli.

“Cavemen didn’t eat vegetables!” said biscuit with an evil ha, ha I‘ve got you there smile!

“Yeah, nice try kiddo…Let’s be herbivorous dinosaurs.”  Clever Mummy.

So with hands behind our backs and chins outstretched we leant over our plates to eat our broccoli ‘trees’ Brontosaurus style. (Not as easy as it sounds I can tell you.)

Still not full, with our speckled green faces we hunted for pudding and Ugged, Stomped and Mooed, (Yes Mooed, that was my best attempt at an authentic Brontosaurus call and obviously something that will require practise.) our way to the fruit bowl.

“So, did cavemen eat fruit?” I asked.

Biscuit reverted to his ordinary self and looked thoughtful…

“What actually is the difference between fruit and vegetables?” he asked.

Little brother Crumb shot up a hand (a side effect of school),

“I know, I know”, he bounced. “Vegetables taste disgusting!”

Oh dear!

2012 © My Little 3 and Me


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