Proud To Be Part Of…

Albeit in a very, very small way… I have recently been involved with “Other Ranks” a sound based installation currently exhibiting at The Royal Armouries, Leeds.

I was honoured to be asked by the talented, rather lovely and very witty sound artist Amie Slavin to assist with the photographs she was using for the floor of the piece. In all honesty it was mainly a cropping and levels adjustment job for me but being a huge photography fan I was enormously excited to be asked to do something photographically based that didn’t just involve snapping my own children, so I jumped at the chance.

It has been a pleasure to work with Amie and a thought provoking experience to handle the photographed faces of hundreds and hundreds of people of all ages who have in some way been the victims of war.

For more information about Other Ranks and Artist Amie Slavin visit her website.

Now it’s finished I am happy to put my hand up and admit that seeing my name credited under “Field Textiles” prompted a little victory dance in my kitchen and dreams of reaching levels of photographic wizardry in the future began to unfold…OK, OK, I know they’re only dreams!

2012 © My Little 3 and Me


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