Children’s Christmas Craft: Reindeer Antlers

Aren’t These Just The Cutest?

We’ve had such a lot of fun making these Reindeer Antlers and they’ve sparked off lots of imaginative role play that helps us explore this magical time of year.

Quick, easy and fun to make with children of all ages.

(I’ve even made them with a class of 30 and no classroom assistant and we kept all our fingers, toes and sanity so they must be easy!)

We’ve created a printable template so you can simply print it off, cut it out, paint and tape it together. 

We  hope you enjoy it.


Reindeer Template

2 sheets of A4 card (printer friendly)


3 paint colours (poster or powder) (we chose brown, cream for the inside ear and red for the nose)

sticky tape

2 lolly sticks


  1. Print out the Reindeer Template onto your two sheets of A4 card.
  2. Cut out the templates
  3. Paint your pieces in your chosen colours and allow to dry. (If they curl up at the edges you can pop them inside a heavy book for half an hour to flatten.)
  4. Cut two slits a couple of centimetres in from each outer edge of the front headband for the ears.
  5. Insert the ears into the slots and sticky tape into place on the reverse.
  6. Tape the antlers into place on the reverse of your front headband in-between the two ears.
  7. Tape the lolly sticks onto the back of the antlers to help them stand upright. Make sure that the lolly sticks start at the bottom of the antlers.
  8. Tape one end of the back of the headband onto the front of the headband.
  9. Measure it around the wearers head and fix the front and back of the headband together at the appropriate point to ensure a good fit.
  10. Run to the mirror and marvel at your creation.

We’ve also written a little reindeer song with actions that you can link to here.

I think I will be photographing my children in these and turning it into our Christmas Cards this year.

My children have told me that we need to make one for everybody to wear on Christmas day instead of cracker hats… I can’t wait to see their Grandma, Grandad, Aunt and Uncle in one too. We only have a small house I think we’ll be having antler battles by the end of the day!

We really hope you enjoy making these and would love to hear how you got on.

I have added this post to Britmums Christmas Blog Hop:

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