Children’s Christmas Craft: Father Christmas Song

We love dressing up and singing songs and often make songs up using familiar tunes. Here’s a Father Christmas song with actions that goes to the tune of ‘I’m a Little Tea-pot’ .

We’ve had lots of giggles performing it and creating a video and we hope you like it too.

I Am Father Christmas

I am Father Christmas,

(Point to yourself.)

Tall and Fat.

(Puff out your cheeks and point to shape a big tummy.)

With a beard on my face and a bright red hat.

(Stroke your chin and point to your hat.)

When I see you sleeping,

(Put your hands together and rest your head on them like a pillow.)

Hear me say…

(Cup your hand around your ear.)

Ho, ho, ho it’s Christmas day,

Ho, ho, ho it’s Christmas day!

(Jump and leap around excitedly.)

Crumb being Father Christmas

Crumb being Father Christmas

2012 © My Little 3 and Me


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