Erin The Perfect Elf – a poem

Erin the Elf
Erin the Elf
By Biscuit age 9

Erin The Perfect Elf

Erin is a little elf,
The best that he can be.
He’s busy doing elfin chores,
That no one else can see.

I know that Erin’s real,
Or Christmas wouldn’t be done.
I know that Erin’s real,
Or Christmas wouldn’t be fun.

There’s toys to design, to paint, to make,
To wrap in pretty bows.
There’s Rudolf to feed, to brush, to rein,
To buff up his bright red nose.

There’s Father Christmas’ boots to shine,
His beard to brush and comb.
There’s a sleigh to steer around the world,
To travel from home to home.

There’s pushing and shoving to get the ‘Big Man’ down,
The tightest of chimney pots!
There’s tip-toeing and creeping around the house,
To give gifts to every tot.

An epic journey to each town and village,
Sprinkling cheer on every home.
Working hard the whole night through,
Without a single moan.

His wonderful magic, his special joy,
His endless festive cheer,
Is spread around the whole wide world,
Year after year after year.

Erin the Elf’s work may be invisible,
To the likes of you and me.
But without it Father Christmas,
Couldn’t be the best that he could be.

And so you see, the perfect elf is,
Much like our Dads and Mums,
Bringing joy, love and happiness,
To all their daughters and sons.

This poem is an entry in a Tots 100 competition. Up for grabs is a wonderful family holiday at Centre Parcs. Wish us luck!

2012 © My Little 3 and Me



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